Huang ShihTing

Swift Brewer / Technology Pragmatist / Writter

I'm a senior iOS engineer with 9-year experience in various fields such as video streaming, IoT, online travel agency, and more. With these extensive experiences, my iOS development expertise ranges from app architecture to low-level C implementation. My focus is on leveraging industrial practices and teamwork to provide timely, high-quality mobile-first solutions.

I'm also passionate about contributing to the community, which leads me to become the writer of the Swift & iOS blog AppCoda and the organizer of the Tokyo-based meetup WebHack.

我是一位具有九年經驗的 iOS 工程師,在許多不同的專業領域,如醫療及電子書產業工作過。 對於 app 整體開發流程相當熟悉,能夠獨力完成完整的 app 開發,也能夠針對各種需求提出有效且高品質的解決方案。 我同時也是知名 Swift 內容發行者Flawless App StoriesAppCoda的作者之一,持續在社群分享我的開發經驗跟技術實驗。 我的目標是要成為一個專注在創造完美使用者經驗的敏捷開發工程師。我的信念是只有良好組織、能充分發揮所長的團隊合作才能夠生產出最具革命性的產品。

最近我在東京與一群技術愛好者共同組織了一個技術分享的 meetup:WebHack。每個月我們都會邀請一位專業領域的講者,分享各種技術。如果你也熱愛技術,歡迎加入我們的 meetup!

Feel free to check my blogs, social network and Github projects!


Senior Mobile Engineer (Swift)


    Worked in a flat-organized iOS team as one of the main contributors
    Introduced unit tests via MVVM abstraction
    Worked with Web & Android teams to provide the Chromecast experience • Built strong-typed log system architecture

May 2019 - Present

Application Engineer (Objective-C/Swift)


    Worked with iOS team developing/maintaining large user-based iOS apps. Mentored team members to deisgn systems, adapt the engineer culture, understand the software principles.
    Designed frameworks/architectures/UI components that were used by the team in a daily basis.
    Built CI/CD system according to the team's working flow. The CI/CD system is done by fastlane and shared amount all the projects.

Jan 2018 - May 2019

iOS Engineer (Objective-C/Swift)


    Developed and published the MOCACARE app as the main developer.
    Introduced ReactiveCocoa to improve the readability of codes and the performance of the team.
    Created infographic views with smooth scrolling and good memory footprint using CoreGraphic.
    Introduced Test Framework, Spectra/Expecta, to improve the working flow with hardware team.
    Analysed and tracked the app usage with Google Analytics. Launched the app in App Store with app rated 4.x stars.

Feb 2015 - Aug 2017

iOS Engineer (Objective-C)

Kono Inc.

    Developed and published the Kono app as the main developer.
    Created fast SVG render engine using CoreGraphic.
    Introduced Crashlytics to standardise the in-house release flow.
    Established CoreData-based offline app experience.
    Analysed and tracked the App usage with Amplitude
    Launched the app in App Store with app rated 4.x stars.

Jul 2012 - Mar 2015


Here are some projects that I made, most of those are for knowledge sharing and some are for technique exploration.

Experimental Project

    SwiftScaffold: an architecture framework that framing the behavior/resposibility of archtectures that you created.
    NibSetup is a tiny code snippet helps you to instantiate the xib object without a hassle. 🔧
    SwiftGrabber: a commandline tool for you to download the server response to facilitate the unit test and greatly reduce the daily routine works. This project is done by pure Swift with the power of Swift Package Manager
    Brewer: A CI/CD example project built with fastlane and configured for Jenkins
    TheGreatWall: A newsfeed sample app (you know the "wall") shows you how to tackle a complicated tableview with the help of MVVM
Computer-assisted Language Learning
    Repeat: A single page app that help you learn English pronounciation rules base on the article. By learning the rules from articles, one may easily memrise the word-rule relations. This project is based on React.js and backend is provided by firebase. Test Account: demo@repeat.lang/12345678


National Tsing Hua University

Master of Science
Computer Science, majoring at Natural Language Processing
2009 - 2011

National Chiao Tung University

Master of Science
Communication Engineering
2003 - 2007


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Swift
  • Objective C
  • Xcode
  • RxSwift
  • Coredata
  • XCTest
  • Python
  • Javascript(ES6)
  • Software Architecture
  • Unit/UI Test
  • iOS CI/CD
  • CoreGraphic
  • Natural Language Processing - Grammar Auto Correction/Detection
  • Natural Language Processing - Computer Assisted Language Learning


    Road Bike (follow me on Strava, and let's ride on Zwift!)
    Hand-drip coffee (also cold-brew and Brika!)